tech spec

Hamsa technical rider

One vocal mic.


One XLR and mains power.


Hammond organ-type keyboard, a keyboard stand and a DI box for the accordion


1 x guitar amp and speaker or combo (preferably valve, such as Vox or Fender models if possible)

1 x 4-way power point

1 electric guitar stand


Bass amp + speaker or combo. preferably valve.


4 piece drum set

2 cymbal stands

Hi-Hat stand + clutch

Drum stool

Bass drum pedal

(cymbals and hihats are a good idea to include although drummer usually brings his own where he can transport them)

Amplification suggestions for drums

Bass drum mic

Snare mic (e.g. sm57)

2 overhead condenser mics

(mics on tims optional)


5 Music stands, 5 monitor wedges


Bass                                                                                                 Guitar

                Keys/Accordion                           Clarinet

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